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Art Classes (face to face)

Paint, Draw & Create!!! Fine Art classes for kids in Stockport with Artist Lindsey Baldwin BA (HONS). 


Art Classes for Kids
(Face to Face)

Art classes for kids in Stockport are taught by professional artist and educator Lindsey. Children learn along with Lindsey and make a new piece of art each week (except when larger projects such as sculpting are planned) 

Lindsey aims to explore a new medium each week so that children can gain a broad range of skills that keep them inspired.


What your child will learn

Children are taught fundamental drawing skills, painting techniques, sculpting skills, printing processes, illustration, colour theory, art history. Children will learn about perspective, proportions, light and shade, tonal value and more...


Paint, draw, create!

Lindsey is highly skilled in a range of mediums such as; Acrylic painting, watercolours, oil pastels, soft pastels, charcoal, pen, ink printmaking and more


Art Class


Age 5-10 years (Primary School)

@ Bramhall Air Scouts, Benja Fold Bramhall, SK7 2BX

4:30 pm-5:30pm
£12 per child per class 

Age 11+ High school 

@ Bramhall Air Scouts, Benja Fold Bramhall, SK7 2BX

£14 per child, per class 

Tuesdays 5-11 years (Primary school)

@Centre Point, Bramhall, SK7 1AL


£12 per child, per class

Fridays  Age 5-11 years (primary school)
@ 1st Bramhall Scouts, Bramley Way, Bramhall, SK7 2DT

4:30pm - 5:30pm 

£12 per child, per class 

(Classes are paid per term 6/7 week course)

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